World Employment Confederation


The World Employment Confederation partners with several organisations to increase the collective knowledge on the evolution of labour markets and the world of work.

Staffing Industry Analysts

Founded in 1989, Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) are a global advisor on staffing and workforce solutions. Their proprietary research provides insights into the services and suppliers operating in the workforce solutions ecosystem, including staffing firms, managed service providers, recruitment process outsourcers, payrolling/compliance firms and talent acquisition technology specialists such as vendor management systems, online staffing platforms, crowdsourcing and online work services.  

SIA and the World Employment Confederation entered into an Alliance Agreement in 2017 to unite forces in better profiling the industry through joint research projects and event organisation.  

  • Research 

In 2019, SIA and the WEC launched the European Employment Barometer, an interactive research tool with indicators related to the employment situation and agency work across Europe. With real-time data compiled from Eurostat’s most recent labour market survey, along with findings provided via European staffing associations that are members of the World Employment Confederation, the tool can be used to track data and market trends over time and in specific geographies. 

SIA also support the WEC in the production of its annual Economic Report by providing data for certain HR services such as MSP.  

  • Events 

The WEC and SIA are Associate Partners for major employment conferences such as SIA’s Executive Forums (Europe and North America) and the World Employment Conference. 

Staffing America Latina

Staffing America Latina is a unique platform specialized in diverse forms of work in Latin America. It promotes more dynanic, inclusive, modern and formal labor markets in the region.

The World Employment Confederation and Staffing America Latina partner in sharing content and supporting events.


ADAPT – Association for International and Comparative Studies in the field of Labour Law and Industrial Relations – is a non-profit organisation set up by Marco Biagi in 2000 with the aim of promoting research in the field of Industrial and Labour Relations through the establishment of an international network of researchers and academic scholars. 

Since 2016, the World Employment Confederation has partnered with ADAPT to advance knowledge on the changing world of work and promote thought leadership on the issue.  

  • Newsletter 

ADAPT and the WEC jointly publish a monthly newsletter compiling a selection of the latest academic papers, institutional publications and industry reports related to the world of work. 

  • Conference 

The WEC supports the annual ADAPT conference which brings together academics, researchers and professionals from diverse backgrounds and disciplines to discuss employment, labour markets, industrial relations and work-related topics. 

Velocity Network Foundation

The Velocity Network Foundation is a non-profit consortium that seeks to use blockchain technology to build an ‘Internet of Careers™. It brings together members from across HR and Education Technology, gig and contingent workforce platforms, employment marketplaces, background and credential services, assessment and people insights providers, recruitment, development and advisory firms, nonprofit and multilateral organizations, employers and educational institutions.

The World Employment Confederation joined the Velocity Network Foundation in 2020 in order to be directly involved in shaping the standards and processes that will enable the ‘Internet of Careers™’ as profiled in Velocity’s vision. The World Employment Confederation believes in the potential of cross industry collaboration and blockchain technology to reduce frictions in the process of connecting people with work and to make it a positive and trusted experience for candidates, workers and employers.

Reshaping Work

Reshaping Work is a foundation that facilitates innovative international series of events and projects, pioneering the multistakeholder approach to discussing the latest trends concerning the future of work and digital innovations more broadly by promoting research and collective thinking.

The primary objective of Reshaping Work Dialogue is to create a permanent knowledge interlocutor where parties interested in the future of work debate can acquire knowledge, exchange views, and negotiate positions via the means of a constructive dialogue.

The World Employment Confederation joined the Reshaping Work Dialogue in April 2022 to take part in the work stream discussing AI at the workplace. The objective is to share the expertise and experience of the private employment services industry is ensuring AI ethical principles and deploying this technology to the benefits of both workers and businesses.

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